Freelance-graafikot is a professional association of freelance and self-employed illustrators, graphic designers, animators and other visual communications specialists.
We provide members with a forum for discussion and co-operation on matters concerning their profession as well opportunities for professional development, educational travel, exhibitions and workshops plus an annual "Drawing Camp" during the summer. We also offer support and advice with contract and copyright issues.
Freelance-graafikot was founded in 1978 and is an affiliate of the Association of Finnish  Radio and TV Freelancers.
Kuvitella (Imagine) our 30th anniversary publication has an overview of the organisation in English on page 25.
If you wish to view our members work please go to the Finnish language pages and click on the link  "Osaajapörssi" this will take you to our on-line portfolio showcasing members' work.
Pages under "Jäsenille" are accessible to members only.