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Freelance-graafikot is a professional association of freelance and self-employed graphic designers, illustrators, animators and other visual communications specialists.

We provide members with a forum for discussion and co-operation on matters concerning their profession as well opportunities for professional development, educational travel, exhibitions and workshops plus an annual ”Drawing Camp” during the summer. We also offer support and advice with contract and copyright issues.

Freelance-graafikot (Freelance Graphic Artists) was founded in 1978 and is an affiliate of the Association of Finnish Radio and TV Freelancers FOT ry. FOT ry is a member of PAM and PAM takes care of our member register.

If you wish to view our members work please go to the Finnish language pages and click on the link  ”Tekijät”. This will take you to our on-line portfolio showcasing members’ work.

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In the 1970’s the freelancers working for the Finnish Broadcast Company YLE went on strike with the result that a contract governing freelance work was drawn up.

The organizing of freelance graphic artists professionally in Finland began in 1975 when the graphic artists and animators belonging to the Association of Finnish Radio and TV freelancers (FOT ry) began their own activities within parent organization. Other freelance illustrators and lay-out artists joined the group and the subdivision of Freelance Graphic Artists was founded in 1978.

The Association has taken a stand on questions affecting the social and economic (government) policies which affect artists.

For the most part a freelancer toils on his or her own. As a member of association Freelance Graphic Artists gave birth to a fruitful connection to colleagues where skills, information and experience could be shared. Having experienced this shared knowledge as extremely valuable, many of the group’s founding members are still active, and new participants have continually joined the organization. Courses and workshops have been organized to study painting, printmaking, bookbinding, computer graphics, and photography. Membership at present is about 177 persons.


The Kopiosto Association is the joint organization of publishers and the artists who produce the publications. It transfers fees paid for copying these publications to its member organizations. Freelance Graphic Artists distributes grants of these fees.